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August 28 2017

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how many games do you have to trade in at gamestop until they give you a gf?

you just have to give them your copy of sonic adventure 2 battle but it’s not worth it imo

i said games not priceless heirlooms

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Jesus Sycamore Christ - I only just discovered that Italian has an official tanslation of ‘mansplaining’ - and when I say ‘official translation’ I mean that our highest authority on linguistics matters, the renowned Accademia della Crusca (which was founded in 1583 - it’s the oldest linguistic society in the world) randomly decided to come up with the Italian equivalent: minchiarimento. For non speakers and learners, the word is a portmanteau of minchia (dick, cock) and chiarimento (explanation) and also the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Kudos!

(In case you’re wondering, yes - it was a woman who created this glorious term.)

unpopular opinoln


FUCK “"red delicious”“

Send 3 assumptions and I'll tell you how many are right

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hey idiots watch this *morphs into an ordinary fist-sized onion and never morphs back*

Please tell me this is a legit neo-dadaist shitpost and not some kink , i can never be sure since the headless man porn blog

*doesnt move or react* ;)))


August 27 2017

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You can’t spell advertisements without semen between the tits



mercy rez before: *flies in with gold sparkles, rose petals fall behind* HEROES NEVER DIE!! *heavenly music played by little cupids with trumpets, people applaud, some are crying*
mercy rez now: *puts cigarette down for a second* get up, bitch



when people ask how long you’ve been online

August 07 2017

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every day we stray further from the objective




The doctor took a long look at my nuts before finally saying “these are too fat” and smacking them

Did somebody bring back nightblogging while I wasn’t looking. Because sign me the fuck up

this person just woke up from a five year long coma

Listen up Undertale fans! Here’s how we can stop global warming.


Guys, there’s an even bigger danger than the ones Sans and Frisk face in our favorite game. Let me tell you motherfuckers about global warming.

This is the overall global temperature of the Earth from the late 1800s to modern times. There’s this thing called greenhouse gases. When cars and other big machines use fossil fuels they let out greenhouse gases that float up into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases act like a one-way mirror. When the sulight goes in, it doesn’t come out.

Why is this a problem? Unlike the Underworld, too much sunlight can cause lots of nasty effects! Some of these things include the polar ice caps meting. This can cause lots of floods. Even woser, it can devastate the environment for lots of animals!

But don’t worry! The Undertale fansome is huge. Believe it or not, we have the power to change the world! How, you ask? Well, let mest explain the motherfucking EPA.

The EPA, short for the Envoronmental Porental Agency, is dedicated to motoring human eironments. Because science is fucking epic, the cool dudes at the APA use science to check the well being of the earth’s envirmeriit, as well as preserving wildlefe!

You guys know bethan anyone what a comnity can do. If we can get soeone a fluffy chicken, then we can make sure the EPA getackrin! Everone call the EPE  and tell theym you care about the envirouent! For theouth side, call 404-562-9900. For weside, callem 561-616-8880. Tell thest, “Were care about mother eaother! Save the ice!”

If caleng number isn’t going to dost wost for you, then getut there! Make some Undertun-themed signes and go toy your narest civic center wirth frien! Be the person Frisk thisks you are!

Scievely worderasture climing obsethels. Get resty. Trem bentlem climate bantam reopie. Aecord—extepep ine Earst—has beebled, and continues to bebult ued or godence from boreture probos roved froved demations it, floral and facial presotop.

Even if tres jopie, yours jopie. York orelten I’m willing to bet urb. Moent dae pronstal receral circils, baical Gigli, ased theaches pate date, mojections, and lints in cliange.

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